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Selected works by Andrej Cikvari an amateur photographer from Vinkovci, Croatia.

Some people may say that taking pictures doesn’t make you a photographer, but I am one. I am a photographer because taking pictures has gotten in my blood; it’s my main and greatest passion. I learned how to observe my surroundings in a more beautiful and deeper way. I no longer walk on the street looking nowhere; now I look everywhere. I find scenes worth capturing and saving from loss caused by time in the most simple things that may seem like dull or boring, but I find a way to present them in a new light that will offer a person a whole new perspective on the subject..  and that’s why I call myself a photographer.

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American Horror Story: Murder House [x]

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Selected works by OğuzhanCürgü aka KalbiCamdan 21-year-old amateur photographer from Samsun, Turkey.

I take the pictures with no ideas about their last position. I don’t like the thinking while takeing picture. I feel the machine like one part of my body and then I take it in a camposition with my daily or weekly experiences. It happens like that.
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She is scary, right? Oh my God. And she’s beautiful. She moves like a cat. And she’s always in beautiful black, not the cheap black–it’s Chanel, all the good stuff. She’s totally stylish. And, uh, let’s not forget, she’s also crazy. - Stevie Nicks on Fiona [x]

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